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Branded Currency = Loyalty 2

BCC helps to create added value.

More value for our customers and the customers of our customers.

We do this with loyalty programs that ensure customer retention.

By combining loyalty with gift cards, vouchers, coupons and payment we offer branded currency solutions that provide new customers.



We develop and implement loyalty programs. Omnichannel programs based on the customer journey. We offer solutions based on a unique transaction platform with direct POS integrations. Also suitable for B2B and more complex situations where brands do not have their own points of sale.

Why BCC?

  • Omnichannel solution for owned and "third party" channels.

  • Can be integrated directly with payment solutions; POS systems and PSPs.

  • European platform with global capabilities.



With gift cards we help brands, cities and events to realize extra sales. A gift card is simply the most popular gift (38% of all gifts). With our gift cards you choose a solution that:

  • Accepted in POS systems (own or third party).

  • Take administration and financial management off your hands.

  • Complies with the Financial Supervision Act.

Why BCC?

  • Gift cards based on DNB partner license.

  • Easy acceptance in POS systems and PSPs.

  • Omnichannel; to be spent with "third party" acceptors.

Vouchers & coupons

Vouchers & Coupons

As part of the customer journey, you want to be able to activate customers with vouchers and coupons. In itself a simple technique. Yet it becomes more challenging when the code has to be accepted at points of sale that you do not manage yourself. The BCC transaction platform makes omnichannel campaigns possible and provides technical integrations in POS systems.

Why BCC?

  • Retail activations possible for FMCG brands.

  • Acceptance in retail and wholesale POS systems.

  • Omnichannel; off- and online, own and "third party" channels.



68% of all payments are made with a card and 15% mobile. The use of mobile payment will increase sharply in the coming years. We help brands and cities integrate mobile payments into their customer journey.

For example by:

  • Pay a QR code for Mobility-as-a-Service; Public transport, taxi, bicycle, car.

  • Earmarked money that can only be spent for what it is intended for.

Why BCC?

  • Easily allocate money that is bound by rules.

  • Savings on declaration processes and own purchasing.

  • Self-service for employees, residents and customers.

Branded Currency
Branded Currency

Branded Currency

Now that the mobile phone is becoming an increasingly important means of payment, more and more possibilities are emerging. We use these possibilities for branded currency solutions where we combine payment, loyalty, gift cards, vouchers and coupons in one program.

Loyalty 2

Branded Currency

Why BCC?

  • All possibilities of loyalty, gift cards, vouchers and payment via one platform.

  • Omnichannel integrations directly into POS systems and PSPs.

  • Always safe and in accordance with legislation by using DNB partner license.

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