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Branded Currency = Loyalty 2

BCC helps brands, events, cities and HR departments with solutions that contribute to loyalty.

Love brand


We help brands to translate complicated customer journeys into unique loyalty programs. With our transaction platform we realize omnichannel integrations in POS systems (of resellers / retail) and with payment service providers. We combine loyalty with activation techniques such as; vouchers, coupons and gift cards. Everything to provide a seamless and rich experience to our clients' customers.


Benefits for brands

  • Omnichannel solutions for own and "third party" channels.

  • Can be integrated directly with payment solutions; POS systems and PSPs.

  • One platform with all possibilities; loyalty, gift cards, vouchers, payment.



We help festivals and football clubs in various areas. This may involve loyalty programs to provide added value to fans all year round. But also during events to easily make ordering and payment mobile. Or to make 360 degrees brand activations at events by exchanging vouchers & coupons at random retailers.

Benefits for events

  • Loyalty program to provide more value to fans year round.

  • Mobile e-wallets with tickets, payment and more convenience.

  • Mobile ordering with QR code.



We help cities to connect the different target groups in a city. We strive for smart cities that are more efficient and offer residents a higher level of well-being. We develop local gift cards, city passes and tourist passes with cities. With the city passes we also help to implement municipal schemes (minimum schemes, child package, PC scheme, etc.) more efficiently. Hybrid city passes can also be used mobile.

More information at City Butler

Benefits for cities

  • Connecting all target groups; residents, companies, tourists and the municipality.

  • Higher wellbeing with a (hybrid) Smart City pass; healthier and less loneliness.

  • Save on the costs of the implementation of municipal schemes.

HR afdelingen


Employees increasingly value secondary employment conditions. It is often a lot of work for companies to provide arrangements for cycling, sports, transportation, etc. We help companies to:

  1. Translating regulations into business rules.

  2. Pay out budgets as earmarked money in a wallet.

  3. And to offer employees freedom and an unprecedented range.

More information on HR Butler

Benefits for employers

  • Self-service fringe benefits (Saas).

  • The export of secondary employment conditions is taken over.

  • A wide range of content; mobility, sports, hardware, office, training, etc ..

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